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По следам: собираю ссылки в один пост.

WTF Product Manager — Результаты 1-й встречи от beskov

Менеджер Продукта от tobe

В записях есть вопросы, на которые интересно отвечать. Или хотя бы подумать про них.

Product Parenting (спасибо за ссылку yole)
What is a product manager?

In short, a product manager is a marketing person who focuses on strategic stuff and stuff that is specific to the product.

When people think of marketing, their thoughts often run to things like logos, graphic design, and advertising.  This is the communications side of marketing.  We call it "marcomm".

The other side of marketing is the stuff that is more focused on the product itself:

  • Positioning
  • Differentiation
  • Features
  • Competition
  • Market research

These activities are the domain of the product manager.

I still remember the moment when I first started to learn this distinction.  Back when I worked at Spyglass, one of my peers asked, "Why don't we have any product marketing people?"

I said, "What do you mean?  We've got marketing people.  Marc and his team just spent six months deciding which Pantone shade of red we're going to use for our logo.  That's marketing, right?"

The discussion that followed my clueless remark was very enlightening.

Несколько for dummies, но в этом же и плюсы.

За "other side" скрывается чудесный текст от 2003 (!) года, который не лишним было бы прочитать и сейчас: Marketing for Geeks. И ссылки на статьи, и всё такое вкусненькое...
Не утерпела: утащила в коллективный перевод "Marketing is not a Post-Processing Step" и "Product Parenting". Включайтесь, если:)
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